Brissago is  a small town in the distric of Locarno in the canton of Ticino. It is situated on the beautiful western shore of the Lake Maggiore.

Brissago is famous for its tabacco and cigar factory, but also for its islands. Brissago Islands have a botanic garden offering the visitors the possibility to admire over 1700 different species of flowers and plants of the 5 continents.



Lectures, workshops, poster presentation and some networking events will take place in the Clinica Hildebrand centro di Riabilitazione Brissago. In case the Covid-19 related restrictions will be strengthen again, a conference room outside the clinic will be organized.

Brissago Rehabilitation Center is one of the leading Swiss competence centers in rehabilitation. The clinic is renowned for its modern, innovative and well equipped  infrastructure, which supports internationally recognized diagnostics and therapeutic methods. The scope of services includes neurology, geriatry, physiatry, rheumatology to internal medicine.

A specialized team of therapists and doctors guarantee high standards of rehabilitation and comprehensive care.

Clinica Hildebrand provides inter-disciplinary patient care and helps patients at reintegrating in their social and professional life.




Participants and organizers will be received in a hotel in the beautiful Locarno, the Hotel ibis Locarno.

This hotel is close to Lake Maggiore and to the city centre of Locarno. The hotel is 15 minutes away from the Clinica Hildebrand; the transportation (bus) will be organized. Participants will share double rooms.  Breakfast is included, while the dinner will be covered by participants.

Hotel IBIS Locarno